Consolidation of the participatory management of the Alto Huayabamba Conservation Concession – AHCC as a production landscape, and strengthening of partnerships for conservation, production and research in the Peruvian Amazon [Bolívar, Perú]

Organization : Amazónicos por la Amazonía (AMPA)

Project Period
: July 2016 - June 2018
Project Site
: 6,711 ha
Grant Amount
: US$88,000
: US$212,544

Executive Summary :

This project has the objective to guarantee the conservation of the priority areas of Peruvian Yungas and Paramos. Our goal is contribute to improve the life quality of people settled in the AHCC and its buffer zone. We will do this through the consolidation of wild honey and organic quinoa, like sustainable productive chains. Also it develops some capacities of local young people in the research and monitoring habitat of “Oreonax flavicauda”. The AHCC reduce the deforestation and degradation caused by farmer migrants. The AHCC users are current members of associations that signed conservation agreements with us, in which state their commitment to leave deforestation actions away and to be willing to support the recovery of logged areas. We believe that the management with the communities ensures the forest conservation. We have achieved a decrease in the deforestation rates, according to a study conducted in 2015. We are showing that wild honey has a higher efficiency than the traditional crop-coffee, in the role of created more carbon storage and increased the family income. Now, we are challenged to consolidate these initiatives and empower our partners, the communities, to be involved in the conservation of critical endangered and endemic species and the contribution in the production landscapes. It has 4 components: a) Development of sustainable productive activities; b) Organizational and business reinforcement for associations; c) Promoting sustainable management of ecosystems; d) Participatory monitoring with young people. It`s according to the goals of Peru (5) and according to Aichi Biodiversity Targets (3).

Main threatened species according to IUCN Red List that may be influenced by the project :

  • Oreonax flavicauda " yellow-tailed woolly monkey"
  • Atelopus peruensis "Peru stubfoot toad"
  • Ateles belzebuth "white-bellied spider monkey"